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Kamloop’s CFBX 92.5 FM playlist

Top 5 World Albums from Kamloop’s CFBX 92.5 as of Jan 20th 2014
1 Kal Romology (ARC Music)
2 Lenka Lichtenberg* Embrace (Sunflower)
3 Santa Lucia* Suppressed Anthems (Independent)
4 Techung Tibet: On the Road (ARC Music)
5 Various Artists Brazilian Summer (ARC Music)

The Santa Lucia LFR’s Suppressed Anthems went into the world music section of Kamloop’s CFBX 92.5 FM playlist where it has done very well. The charts you see are generated purely by airplay at The X: the album has been given spins thanks to our lovely radio tracker Sam Mustang.
The station also do a live streaming and listeners can listen all over the world.
Kamloops its situated in the Thompson Valley the heart of Super Natural Southern British Columbia. The radio station has gotten amazing feedback from the public about the album, surprising even myself the good taste of this tiny little community in BC for their good taste in music with a world spin!!

Top 5 World Albums from Kamloop’s CFBX 92.5

Top 5 World Albums from Kamloop’s CFBX 92.5

River Rock Casino guitar flash mob grand opening.

Recently I had the pleasure to be invited to participate in the grand opening of the Hard Rock Casino. Myself and 50 plus guitar players were backstage ready to storm the stage in a flash mob guitar frenzy!.. Instead of the traditional ribbon cutting, guitars were smashed. A leopard-print outfit once worn by Shania Twain, Elvis’s wardrove and a guitar on loan from Big Sugar’s Gordie Johnson are among the Canadian memorabilia on display when the newly branded Hard Rock Casino Vancouver officially opened its doors.

Some of the flash-mob’ers guitar players during the Grand opening.

During the event I had the pleasure to share the pleasure to share the stage with musician pals from Coco Jafro band, we shared lots of laughter and traded guitar licks, of course, all backstage while the invited guests and VIP’s walked the red carpet as one of the guitar player crank out riff suspended form the ceiling. Guests were entertained with fireworks and then two opening night concerts featuring Headly and 54-40.

Hard Rock Guitar Flash Mob

Backstage with members of Coco Jafro ready to mob the casino floor.

Santa Lucia LFR featuring singer-songwriter Celina Drysdale Sat Jan 25th @ Joe’s Apt.

One of the most fun things about going out to a gig is finding new music that you didn’t know existed that you really like. Today’s recommendation comes from one of the last gigs I went to back at the end of last summer where I discovered Celina Drysldale-Hernandez. Anyhow, I have the pleasure to sit down with Celina recently which I was rather lucky and jam a few songs with her. So what can I tell you? Love her voice, I’m a sucker for strings and guitars together, a real sucker – there’s something deeply entrancing about the two sounds together.

Her development its coming along just nicely with much progress to make but with a clearly defined musical statement of intent not just because I say so, but because the music is in its own right pretty interesting. Align with that some very well written lyrics and you get a potentially winning formula.

She is opening for Santa Lucia LFR this Saturday at Joè’s Apt, Celina starts at 8pm don`t miss out this great opportunity to experience her amazing voice and song writing talent.

Santa Lucia LFR featuring singer-songwriter Celina Drysdale

Celina performing her originals before the main event.

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