Salsa in Surrey: Latin Dance & Social Review.

Last show this past October the local audience experienced what tradition is as far as a large live Latin Orquesta is all about. Setting the gold standard for excellence in live salsa music in the city of Surrey has been the vision of La Orquesta Santa Lucia. A secret tradition in Surrey for the past 4 years that can no longer be contained.

Whether in a concert hall or at an outdoor jazz festival, there is no easing you in, they come at you full force, from start to finish. Their energy on stage and their rich sound and musical precision leave audiences mesmerized until the last note is played. With an unwavering respect for the music’s storied history, the ensemble’s ten world-class musicians and vocalists German Cantillo come together to create an unparalleled musical experience.

The band delivered quality, as they always do, and they alternated between fast salsa and slower mambo to satisfy the various tastes of local salseros. The event was moving and grooving to LOSL’s smooth sailing. Everything was well organized thanks to German and Nora’s hardworking team of volunteers. The room layout was spacious for those with the desire to show their great salsa moves along with a gorgeous seating area making the event the sophistication it needed delivering the vision German wanted to present the audience.

The audience going out social dancing is increasing in the city of Surrey, the event compensates the multiple local dance studios having a place to experience live dancing outside their dance lessons comfort zone. In addition a dance lesson is provide with the price of admission by our professional instructor Carolina.

Think how the increased popularity of the event and the ability to dance with non-pros would multiply your student population thanks to an event like Salsa in Surrey? If your company is interested in being part of Salsa in Surrey whether as a sponsor or a partner of this event please contact us at


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