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Suppressed Anthems

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Santa Lucia released their third full length album “Suppressed Anthems” (available on itunes) a blend of horn driven music anthems with a social conscience, Unique Latin sensibilities with plenty of rock, a shot of salsa, a shed-load of funk, and some high-speed Nicaraguan cumbia..” Latin revolutionary sloganeering, environmental concerns, global politics and clenched-fist leftist anthems all bounce over the bands leftist grooves.

The Streets / La Calles

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When it comes to Latin genre, it screams to be enjoy when summer is in full swing. Hot-sticky-moist its more fitting with this band’s brand of funk and dense groove. Pack the Vancouver sextet on-stage at a nightclub and you’ve got a recipe for hotness. Like a multi-ethnic gathering of friends, this six member band has created a sound that evokes the early days of Latin Funk (Santana, War, etc.), while adding their own blend of rock and funk. The songs on “The Streets/Las Calles (available on itunes) are balance between vocal tracks and horny instrumental tracks with plenty of room for you to shout “muy caliente” as you bump up against the other dancing bodies.

Sun Refugee


Sun Refugee ☀️ its my solo project, A collection of reggae-feel like a mini vacation to a tropical island retreat. I wrote these songs to share with my fans and followers of my travel blog www.sunrefugee.com I still currently tour with Santa Lucia LFR.