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Vocals and Guitar
German Cantillo
Alto Sax
Byron Russell
Stefan Grabowski
Kevin Tang
Luis Garzon
Jeremy Vint


Origin of Santa Lucia LFR

When I was a kid living in political exile in Mexico City during the early 80?s, my dad and I used to visit this church in Celaya, a small town called located 300 km north of Mexico City. As part of Latin American culture you follow or bond with a saint, one you can relate to and say your prayers to. Believing in this saint helps you mentally, to keep the faith and your beliefs strong. In our case to keep believing we had to find a way to have a better life without persecution.

What struck me as odd about this period in my life, after reflecting on it years later, is that at this church “Iglesia del Carmen” on one of our visits I noticed that Santa Lucia – ironically the patron saint of light – was this tiny statue tucked away in a dark corner in this immense cathedral. I didn’t think much of it at the time but for some reason I took it upon me to follow her wisdom and her concept of lighting the way for others in the dark. I followed her spiritually and every time we would go to the church I would sneak out to this little dark corner to see that little statue of her.

One evening, a few days before moving to yet another country, I clandestinely entered the church and took a picture of the little statue as I wanted to have it with me. I wanted to take her image and I remember the feeling I had when I first saw her as it’s still with me today.

Years later when I started this project, I asked myself, what will I call it? I’ve been in other bands before but to name one was never an issue. This one, however, for some reason seemed to have precious value to me. Perhaps it’s because music kept me busy and out of trouble when I was growing up. It seemed obvious that it was time to return the favor, and so the name Santa Lucia was chosen.
German “EL Jefe” Cantillo
(This is the original photo I took 36 years ago of Santa Lucia!)

Santa Lucia statue

Santa Lucia statue