Arizona la zona arida.

La zona arida de Arizona.

Writing the song Arizona I was thinking about some sheriff wanna-be and how he wanted to run the state of Arizona like a township in the apartheid era of South Africa. The difference was this is America dude and SA has move on but he probably doesn’t realized that. Its like a grandmother bringing 30 cents coupons to pay for her uber ride. And the Latinos, resilient and stubborn but also entitled to stay in town no matter what. Its controversial for sure.

But this wasn’t about entitlement and townships, it was about human rights and the fact this was two thousand and fucking ten. One thing tho the two places are rich in history the Afrikaans and the Apaches they all share a passion for their land and culture and the oppression they had deal with for generations is something they always fought head on with the law.

In case you haven’t seen them there are photographs on the internet showing entire neighborhoods in Johannesburg displaying the lush gardens and swimming pools of affluent suburbs and on the other side of the freeway the misery of townships and the stench of poverty living side by side. The resemblance of both pictures are unbelievably identical except the physical landscape of course. Was this what the sheriff wanna-be wanted to achieve? A continuation of an insane experiment on this side of the world? You got to ask yourself, was this a vanity trip he was on?

Now, for the sake of argument and to be fair you got to admit that part of this mess can also be directed to Mexico, the government that is, for not providing the social safety net and the basic necessities to its citizens. Most of these “redadas” towards immigrants are aim at mostly poor Mexicans who leave their land in search of a better life across the border because they can’t find the opportunities they desire for their kids. What its lost here is the information from the media that Mexico think nothing’s wrong here, that there is nothing wrong with their embedded corruption, treatment of the poor and minorities and their almost feudal social status machinations. They just don’t see it that way.

Arizona Lyrics:

When we speak of the Township of Arizona is a good example of a repressive regime and when the attacked persons mentioned, we refer to those laborers who only seek safety, work and a better life for their children. I refer to those who yearn for a better, more dignified life and to live in a more just nation, however they suffer injustice and mockery at the hands of the US Border Patrol.
Of those that to achieve these changes, are willing to cross any border giving up the ghost.

We talked about the braceros who want to earn their bread honestly without having to emigrate from their homeland in search of sustenance ; undocumented immigrants living in miserable huts , starving in cross north sharing their misery with their children, who do not have an inch of opportunity as new immigrants , which is mass deportation future whose life is endless work and whose only rest is the tomb ;

Wet but anxious to work and full of hope , only to find a dead end, closed all the doors , and where there are ears that hear their cry or plea.
These are the people who know misfortune and therefore are capable of fighting with limitless courage ! fighting for it with all you have, that freedom and happiness can be yours!

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Ya para finalizar nuestro programa de hoy los dejamos con unas pocas palabras de nuestro patrocinador Radio Maquiladora 99.9 % para sangrarte la vida.

Cuando hablamos de el Township de Arizona es un buen ejemplo de un régimen represivo y cuando se mencionan a las personas atacadas, nos referimos a todos aquellos braceros que solo buscan la seguridad, trabajo y mejor vida social para sus hijos.

Nos referimos a las personas que anhelan un mundo mejor, una vida más digna y de vivir en una nación más justa, sino que sufren la injusticia y la burla a manos de la migra. De aquellas personas que para lograr estos cambios, están dispuestos a cruzar cualquier frontera dando hasta el último suspiro.

Hablamos de los braceros que quieren ganarse el pan honradamente sin tener que emigrar de su patria en busca de sustento; indocumentados que viven en chozas miserables, pasando hambre en la cruzada al norte compartiendo su miseria con sus hijos, que no tienen una pulgada de oportunidad como nuevos immigrantes, cual futuro es la deportacion masiva, cuyas vidas es el trabajo perenne y cuyo descanso es la tumba;

Mojados pero deseosos de lucha y llenos de esperanza, sólo para encontrarse en un callejón sin salida, cerradas todas las puertas, y donde no existen oídos que escuchan su clamor o súplica.

Estas son las personas que saben la desgracia y por tanto, son capaces de luchar con audacia sin límites! luchando por ella con todo lo que tienes, para que la libertad y la felicidad puede ser tuya!

Muy buenos noches queridos radio oyentes, esta fue Radio Maquiladora 99.9 % para sangrarte la vida.

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