The Streets / Las Calles

Artist: Santa Lucia LFR
Release Date: 4-3-2004
Genre: Alternative

About Album

When it comes to Latin music, the genre insists upon being enjoyed when summer is in full swing. Hot, sticky and moist are descriptions more fitting with this band’s brand of Latin funk and dense grooves.  Pack this Vancouver sextet on stage at a nightclub and you’ve got a recipe for hot spice.  Like a multi-ethnic gathering of friends, this six-member band has created a sound that evokes the early days of Latin Funk (Santana, War, etc.), while adding their own blend of rock and funk. The songs on “The Streets/Las Calles (available on iTunes) are balanced between vocal tracks and horn-driven instrumental tracks with plenty of room for you to shout, “muy caliente!” as you bump up against other dancing bodies on the floor.


1. Intro 0:30
2. Un Funk Cabron 0:30
3. Lupita 0:30
4. Muchacha 0:30
5. Por Tu Amor 0:30
6. Las Calles Lloran Libertad 0:30
7. El Refeljo 0:30
8. Pillo De Almas 0:30
9. Como Puedes Tu (English Version) 0:30
10. Como Puedes Tu (Spanish Version) 0:30
11. Por Tu Amor (English Version) 0:30
12. Lenny 0:30
13. Cuento Las Horas 0:30

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