Add a soundtrack to your travel holidays!

Add a soundtrack to your travel holidays!

I was standing on a beach in Australia last Spring, sitting in the sand, being a sun refugee, enjoying the beautiful sun, taking in the fresh air and the smell of the sea along the Great Ocean Road. Watching the waves reshape the sand endlessly when it dawned on me about adding a soundtrack to go along with my blog so you could be listening feel-good music as a soundtrack when browsing all the great post from all the incredible Sun Refugee writers.

Add a soundtrack to your travel holidays!

Twelve Apostle beach, Port Campbell Vic.

So I got together with my Aussie bro Jason and my talented producer German Silva while visiting his studio in Melbourne to record vocals and Ukelele then back to Vancouver to finish the tracks with long time friends Byron and Mike laying Sax and Trombone respectively and Stefan Grabowski on drums at Phil Dunget Sound Marketing Studio back in Surrey, BC. What a blast we had!,. just thinking how you’ll enjoy these songs too.

Hope you like them, I hope you enjoy them, I hope they take you back to that place where you spend the most awesome and peaceful days of your holidays. These songs are my gift to you, I believe Karma we’ll make us meet down the road so we can have something to talk about.

Sun Refugee:

“Something about the sun I need to feel its warmth today, crazy, mighty energy, its been too long since yesterday”

Download Sun Refugee by German Cantillo


“Quiero acariciar tu piel bronzeada, gota a gota esa crema huntarla, sobre tu espalda suave y hermoza”

Download Bronzeada by German Cantillo


“Loneliness set me free, my heart is set on your company, looking for a sunny place where we can both express ourselves”

Download Billabong by German Cantillo

Add them as a soundtrack to your family holiday videos or.. if you like, send us your travel videos of your favorite warm sunny places you have visited and we’ll feature them on the blog. Be creative and have fun!.


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