A Canada Day show like no other

A Latin Canada Day show like no other..

Lights, camera, rock & roll.. We performed a Canada Day show like we’ve never experience before. Set up at the Jack Pool Olympic plaza in front of roughly six thousand people on a hot sunny summer afternoon with the Olympic cauldron behind us making the experience an even hot-melting one. Crowd cheered and shouted as we play our best live songs celebrating Canada’s b’day bash, handing out cd’s and t-shirts.

Starting with “Un Funk Cabron” a song that makes you move from beginning to end showcasing everyone’s solos from our funky four piece horn players, to latin percussion adding a sensational salsa-esque feel to the screaming rock guitar solo. Follow by “Who’s Gonna Bail Me Out” a Nicaraguan-cumbia rhythm tune with a unique Latin sensibilities and plenty of rock.

A Canada Day show like no other

Byron, Kevin, German and Spider giving the crowd their money’s worth.

Canada’s cultural diversity makes it a perfect melting pot for our live show, despite the songs being performed in both English and Spanish people engage and enjoy the universal language of music.

The evening progressed with our most known party anthems “Lupita” An undeniably sing-along funk with ripping guitar, trombone solos and humor. I loved the breaks with the woman speaking, said a fan in the crowd,. priceless! “Muchacha” which you can download for free, its a Santana-esque sensual song, smooth and edgy.

“War” which shouldn’t be a job., blends a funked up ska with a mix of merenge-ish type track with furious lyrics like: “They’re dropping bombs in my home town, people skip them de medio lado, army pilot in the sky above claiming he is only doing his job, meanwhile people way down bellow their only hope is to pray God above, while some fat bastard sit in his chair counting his cash from his business affairs, I made lots of money he tell his friends business is good you can only win, children ain’t got no books to go to school while congress man thinks its very cool!.

A Canada Day show like no other

the grand finale with the gorgeous north shore mountains as a backdrop crowd looks on.

Next on the list was “A La Casa Del Gringo” a salsa-with-a-70’s-style-funk-and 90’s rock feel to it about what goes on en el barrio, adding my own experience of living in the U.S. An unbelievably climax happened in this song when the crowd started chanting the song’s chorus “A la casa del gringo me voy, “A la casa del gringo me voy..” making it the more sweeter for the band to accomplish a great connection with the crowd.

With many songs in between the show would come to an end, we were all drench in sweat and the fans poison with euphoria wanting more. They all had a blast enjoying the band’s giveaway of t-shirts and cd’s to enjoy. Next stop Vancouver Jazz Fest!

A Canada Day show like no other

Spider, y los maestros de la percussion Rafael y Luis Fernando in action.


A Canada Day show like no other

Cd’s flying into the crowd, a tradition well establish at the end of each show by German and Byron.

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