Dance extravaganza

EXPLOSION Live music & dance show extravaganza!

An amazing collaboration has been created between Santa Lucia LFR band & Entertainer/Choreographer Gustavo Ferman. The two talents combine an exquisite experience for the entertainment seeker looking for something different.

“Explosion” its a dynamic collective of professional musicians, dancers and striptease artists who offer extravagant and inspired live productions fit for a range of audiences. The show is a high energy non-stop dance and live music format directed by German Cantillo and Gustavo Ferman who’s one of the brightest name in choreographed dance in Vancouver featuring Corazon Dancers. Known for their triple-threat talents and timeless elegance, pack with excitement to spare! Stylistically speaking.

Dance extravaganza

Gustavo and Lisa on the dance floor showcasing the moves.

You could be in for a show paying tribute to classic jazz, an evening of rockin’ 80s, groovy funk’n’soul done with their signature fiery Latin style of funk, rock and Cuban grooves. They are sure to delight every palate. Santa Lucia LFR sets the tone for a compelling journey into why we still love the joy of live music follow by the very hot and groovy dance performance of Corazon dancers and into the future of burlesque.

Dance extravaganza

The live music element added by the explosive Santa Lucia LFR

The show takes a music twist by transforming itself into a join party from the audience with the musicians interacting with a very joyful crowd eager to learn some salsa moves and finally breaking in what it seems a nightclub bash. You are invited to join them and experience a glamorous evening of unforgettable live entertainment!


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