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Santa Lucia released their third full-length album “Suppressed Anthems” in 2010 – a blend of horn-driven music anthems with a social conscience, unique Latin sensibilities with plenty of rock, a shot of salsa, a shed-load of funk, and some high-speed Nicaraguan cumbia…Latin revolutionary sloganeering, environmental concerns, global politics and clenched fist, leftist anthems all bounce over the band’s highly danceable grooves.


1. Mozambique 0:30
2. Who's Gonna Bail Me Out 0:30
3. Politics of Homelessness 0:30
4. A La Casa del Gringo 0:30
5. Russellfunk 0:30
6. Live Life Tonight 0:30
7. Arizona 0:30
8. I Will 0:30
9. Guantanamo 0:30
10. War (It's Only A Job) 0:30
11. Lupita (Bonus Track) 0:30

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